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About Bacchus Wine Made Simple

The Store
BACCHUS Wine Made Simple has established itself, not only in the Manhattan Beach community, but also throughout the country with wine club members and corporate customers nationwide. Our values? Exemplary customer service and extraordinary wine.

The concept of BACCHUS Wine Made Simple was born in 1999 in Manhattan Beach, California. Instead of categorizing wines by varietal and region, why not simplify the pursuit of good wine for all levels of wine enthusiasts and categorize the wines by style: the character and dominant elements of a wine? Is it Bold? Mellow? Fruity? Crisp? Smooth? Rich? Bubbly?

Years later, in February of 2009, two long time friends and fans of the store Paddy Delepine and Brian Doolittle took the reigns of BACCHUS Wine Made Simple with new owner enthusiasm. That lasted about a year when Brian decided to return to corporate America. But Paddy's awesome sisters, Maury and Barb, have jumped in to make the store a family owned business. They are still very excited and enthusiastic to keep BACCHUS going strong through this crazy economy with tasting events and great wine. Please come down to this wonderful neighborhood store and check out the great personal customer service and amazing wines! 

The Owners
The Delepine Sisters came to California from New Jersey & New York. Maureen moved here 24 years ago and originally lived in Orange County before residing in Manhattan Beach. Barbara moved here 16 years ago and also lived in Orange County before moving to Manhattan Beach. Paddy has been here for 11 years and has always been a resident of Manhattan Beach and big fan of BACCHUS. With over twenty years working in the finance world between Maury & Paddy, they were ready for change and are thrilled about all the possibilities this extraordinary wine store offers. We hope to see you all at the store real soon!